● Players will be challenged with match-3 game mechanics, connecting gems to summon Heroes. You will have the opportunity to join solo battles and go head-to-head for rank points and rewards.
● Each Hero will only have its signature skill; players need to combine using basic attacks and signature skills in the match. Skill crafting is not available yet.
● The economic system hasn’t been available yet. The reward received will be $HIMO and Hero shards, which can be pieced together to create a new Hero.

● There will be 3 rank tiers; each tier has 1 - 5 stars and is shown by badges that each player receives corresponding to their MMR.
● Each match costs 5 energy.
● There are events where players can double their MMR or drop heroes’ fragments in a selected time.
● Players can purchase 'Energy Pill' to refill their energy.

In this PvP Closed Beta

Gameplay Details

There are 3 ways for you to join our Closed Beta PvP game:
● Bought and opened Treasure Boxes in INO phase 1.
● Being Whitelisted via our Staking Program (expired).
● Having the invitation codes.

2 types of accounts:
● Premium Account: Those users who open Treasure Boxes in INO 1 with premium frames on their avatars. Besides having their code, they also get 3 more codes to invite other users.
● Free Account: Those users given the invitation code by Premium Account or have their names whitelisted to participate and haven’t bought the Treasures Boxes before.


● To begin the game, you need four Heroes corresponding to each 4 colors of gems: Green, Blue, Red & Yellow.
● Understanding the ability of Heroes to put together the greatest combo is crucial depending on the strategy.

● You can summon your Heroes by matching 3 or more gems. The more gems you merge, the more tanky your Hero will be - same goes to your Hero's damage.
● Heroes can be sacrificed for the greater good by connecting with other gems of the same color to summon new Heroes with higher damage.
● The gems on both sides of the battlefield are inseparable by the middle gap. That means every turn, 'gravity' causes gems to fall to the player who is in turn. Use 'gravity' to your own advantage by predicting what will happen next when it reverses.

Matching Gems

Signature Skill

● Each one has an unique strength that relates to their own characteristics, which is expressed by what we call Signature Skill.
● You are responsible for building your mutual support team by selecting a potent mix of Heroes with flexible attacking styles, eg close-range combat, long-range attack, supporting, harassing, etc.


● Note: Top rank rewards' exact amount in HIMO Token will be announced right before the end of Closed Beta, based on the market price at that time.

Phase 1: Pre-season (13/04-11/05)

Phase 2: Main Season (TBA - Duration : 4 Weeks)

● Furthermore, top 120 in Main Season will also be rewarded with $50 worth of HIMO Token.

● We have 3 rank tiers in the closed beta version:

● Each match player gets +/- 25 MMR and spends 10 Energy.
● When finding a match, the player will be matched with another with closed MMR (+/- 500) to make sure they have the most balanced experiences.




● In this version, Heroes have only the Signature skill. Heroes’ Skills will be put in slot 1. ( Summoner skills ).

● Max Energy is 50.
● Premium Users' Energy fill rate is 3x faster compared to Free Users.
● User can have faster regeneration rate based on their number of heroes and the rarity of them.
● Players can purchase 'Energy Pill' for 20 $HIMO ( full stamina ).

● During the Closed Beta, players will have the opportunity to collect Hero shards and combine them into a complete Hero, which can be used to join the PvP battles.
● The list of combinable Heroes is diverse, including both the normal and the genesis. Of course, there is also Nguyen- the unique Legendary hero.

● Phase 2 (Main Season) detailed Rank Milestones Rewards information will be announced soon.

Phase 1's Rewards